TBAEP Annual Awards

Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals
The nomination process is now open for TBAEP’s Environmental Excellence Award program.  The program was developed to recognize individuals and organizations for outstanding performance, projects, or processes that help promote environmental stewardship.  The nomination can be for a single action that has continued benefits or a program that creates sustainable excellence.

The application process includes a description of how the project, an individual’s performance, or a process emphasizes creative or novel approaches.  It defines what problem the action, program, project, or achievement addresses and/or solves.  It includes a requirement for verifiable evidence of significant benefits.

This is a great chance to showcase your client’s excellence or something that your organization has developed.  Winners are eligible to continue the process of becoming a state or national winner.

Completed nomination forms are due September 14th, 2018.  If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to judge the applications, please contact Bruce Hasbrouck at bhasbrouck@fallerdavis.com or 813-261-5136.
Nomination Form
Environmental Professional of the Year
Environmental Professional of the Year Awards are reserved for individuals who have demonstrated the following:
  • Defining the environmental problem or need
  • Efforts taken to address the environmental problem or need
  • Accomplishment of stated goals
  • Measurable and lasting public health or environmental benefits
  • Collaboration with others
  • Promotion of innovative ideas or approaches
  • Ability of the program/activity to be replicated or widely shared 
Nomination Form
Lifetime Acheivement Awards
Lifetime Achievement Awards are reserved for individuals who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to environmental issues over a career or a lifetime.
  • Application should provide a complete discussion of the person’s career and his/her accomplishments relevant to the Environmental Profession and/or the Environment.

Nomination Form
Environmental Project of the Year
  • Nominees for the EPOY will be for a project that has been completed within the previous two years.
  • Environmental Impact: The project will have a measurable beneficial impact on some
    portion of the ecosystem – air, water, groundwater, soil, habitat quality/quantity, flora or
    fauna population.

  • Partnerships: The nomination information shall include a description of any partnerships
    being utilized to achieve the project’s goals.

  • Innovation: The project description should include any new technologies and/or
    environmental theories being employed.

Nomination Form
Volunteer Awards
TBAEP selects volunteers who have done an outstanding job assisting us in meeting our goals and helping coordinate events. 
  • Must be a TBAEP Member
  • Participates in TBAEP events 
  • Proactively engages with our committees and initiatives
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Past Award Recipients