Meet the Board of Directors
  1. TBAEP Vice President
    Scott D. Graf
    Member since 2012, Scott is a Senior Associate and Environmental Department Manager with Terracon
  2. TBAEP Secretary
    Tina Fritz
    Member since 2013, Tina is a Business Development Representative with Action Environmental
  3. Laura Thorne President
    Laura Thorne
    Past President
    Member since 2011. Laura is an Environmental Scientist and Performance Improvement Specialist
  4. TBAEP Parliamentarian
    Bruce Hasbrouck
    Member since 1988. Bruce Hasbrouck is Vice President at Faller-Davis
  5. TBAEP At-Large Board Member
    Brian Bendis
    Vice President
    Member since 2008, Brian a Technical Sales Rep with Pine Environmental
  6. TBAEP At-Large Board Member
    Dara Broomfield
    At-Large Member
    Member since 2013, Dara is an Environmental Lead at Mosaic Company
  7. TBAEP Treasurer
    Jessica Gattenby
    Member since 2012, Jessica is an Senior Environmental Specialist with Arcadis
  8. At-Large Board Member
    Stephen Swingle
    At-Large Member
    Long time member, Steve is a Senior Environmental Scientist at Schneider Engineering and Consulting
  9. TBAEP At-Large Board Member
    Sheri Huelster
    At-Large Member
    Member since 2015, Sheri is a Project Scientist at Cardno
  10. TBAEP At-Large Board Member
    Gabriella Balsam
    At-Large Member
    Previously the USF Student Chapter President, Gabriella is an Environmental Resource Permit evaluator at Southwest Florida Water Management District.
  11. TBAEP At-Large Board Member
    Jordan Kowenski
    At-Large Member
    Member since 2016, Jordan currently serves as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Department Manager for SurvTech Solutions
  12. TBAEP Board Member at Large
    Nanette O'Hara
    Member At-Large
    Nanette has been involved with TBAEP since its roots and returns as our communications chair

Serving on the Board FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about how to get on the TBAEP Board and the associated responsibilities.
  1. Who is eligible?
    Anyone who is eligible to be a General member of NAEP is eligible to serve on the Board. This includes having earned an undergraduate or graduate degree and has at least three years work experience in the environmental field.
  2. How long is a BOD term?
    TBAEP BOD Members serve 2 years. Each officer's term is for one year. Officer positions are voted on by the BOD members.
  3. How are BOD members selected?
    Board members are voted in by the TBAEP membership. Candidates are selected by nomination and nominations can be made on behalf of oneself or someone else. Nominees must be members in good standing at the time of elections.
  4. What would be my time commitment during the course of my 2 year term?
    Board members are required to attend at least 75% of our regularly scheduled meetings. Outside of that, it depends if you are a member at large or an officer and if you are a committee chair. Overall it is a few hours a week and increases near events.
  5. What is the benefit of becoming a board member?
    Benefits of serving on the board include expanding your leadership skills, making meaningful connections in the environmental field, helping to make a difference for graduating students, and much more. We also try to have a lot of fun.
We realize that joining the Board is a big committment. It helps us to develop good future board members when TBAEP members volunteer first.
Here are some other ways to be more involved: