Rising Star Student Scholarship


Award Intent: 

To award an annual scholarship of $500 to a Rising Star student at each established TBAEP Student Chapter in the Tampa Bay area. The scholarship is intended to provide an incentive to excel for Student Chapter Presidents or other Student Chapter Officers.​​
The TBAEP Board of Directors intends to provide an incentive for students to effectively lead their campus Student Chapter. Rising Star leaders will facilitate the following activities: regular Student Chapter meetings and activities, Speaker’s Panels, community improvement efforts, receptions, attendance to TBAEP functions, regular correspondence with the TBAEP Student Chapter liaison and other activities that promote the sharing of information and promotion of professional development opportunities.
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Participants must be currently enrolled in undergraduate and/or a graduate major related to the environmental sciences and interested in pursuing a career as an Environmental Professional. Participants will be a student in good standing at their college. The Constitution and By-Laws of the student organization must adhere to the TBAEP and Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (FAEP) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Environmental Professionals. This may be by direct incorporation of them into the Student Chapter’s Constitution and By-Laws.


To qualify, each campus Student Chapter must be formed and affiliated according to NAEP requirements and guidelines. Following the Student Chapter’s annual NAEP renewal and the Faculty Sponsor NAEP, FAEP and TBAEP annual renewal, the Board will evaluate whether to award a Student Chapter President or other Student Chapter Officer a Rising Star Scholarship funded by TBAEP general funds or the William A. Streilein Memorial Scholarship.

Deadline November 1:

The TBAEP Student Chapter liaison or the Student Chapter Committee Chairperson will work with the applicant to prepare the application form for consideration by the TBAEP Board. The form will be provided to the TBAEP Board for consideration prior to November 1st. The award will be distributed in two cycles, half will be distributed prior to December 31st, and the remaining half will be distributed prior to March 31st. The Student Chapter liaison or Student Chapter Chairperson will recommend to the Board, for their consideration, whether the remaining half should be distributed to a student, based on the continuing adherence to the scholarship requirements.


In October 2004, the Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals (TBAEP) Board of Directors (Board) approved a plan to establish a scholarship fund in memory of William B. Streilein who was tragically killed in an automobile crash that year. 

Bill was a graduate of the Geology Program at the University of South Florida. He worked at Martell Laboratories, Inc., Pinellas County Dept. of Environmental Management, the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Biological Research Associates. Many TBAEP members were fortunate to have worked with Bill over the years and were touched by his sunny nature.
Initially, the Board approved using one dollar from each member’s annual dues to help fund the scholarship program. Additional donations were solicited to establish a sustainable scholarship fund to help students in environmental programs at local universities and colleges. In 2007, the annual dues contribution amount was increased to five dollars per member and from the time when the scholarship fund was established in 2004, TBAEP’s excess operating funds are added to the fund annually, bringing the total scholarship funding to $$66,669.94 in 2018. The intent of the Board is to continue to build the fund so that a financial endowment, with an intact principal, can be created to encourage and facilitate the transformation of students into Environmental Professionals.

From 2006 through 2010, the Board provided an opportunity for students to participate in an annual essay competition with topics ranging from Changes in the Profession to Sustainability issues. The author of the winning essays received a free trip and attendance to the NAEP Conference.

In 2011, the Board approved a change and the creation of the Rising Star Award that provided an incentive for Student Chapter Presidents or other Student Chapter officers to excel and receive a cash award ($250 per semester) for exhibiting outstanding leadership. In 2013, the Board approved an additional change, allowing for the award to be self-nominated, and to provide the nomination materials through the TBAEP website
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Rising Star Recipients
  1. 2016
    Joanne Burre
  2. 2015
    Andee Richards, Anna Quinones, Gabriella Balsam
  3. 2014
    Johamary Pena, Erin Morrison
  4. 2013
    Melissa Butcher, Kushani Rodrigo (FAEP Conference Attendee)
  5. Samantha Macks (FAEP Conference Attendee)