Student Members
Students are our Future
This page provides an overview of the ways that a student membership with TBAEP can benefit you. Student membership is almost a 75% discount but it is still up to you to make the most of it. Find out how to make the most of your membership by doing all of the things listed below.

Check the upcoming events page and come to the TBAEP events. You don't have to be shy, as TBAEP members we support students and you can always find a Board Member to talk to.
Reach Your Potential


Attend TBAEP Networking Events

Attend TBAEP Lunch Meetings

Attend Member Orientations

Networking events are casual meet ups that happen at varying locations around Tampa Bay about every other month. They are a great opportunity for you to talk to working professionals. Don't be shy, we want to talk to you! 
Lunch meetings are monthly and give you exposure to projects EP's in the area are working on as well as an opportunity to meet people in a small-scale setting. You might find someone who has a job or intership perfect for you, so bring your resume or a card.
The member orientations are the smallest event, and happen twice a year at different locations. These events are perfect for you to meet a few Board members in a small setting and have an opportunity to ask questions. Come out and break the ice!


Explore Internships

Volunteer at TBAEP Events

Follow and Share on Social Media

Several of our industry partners, sponsors, and member companies and agencies have paid or non paid internships. We have tried to include some on the internship page , but if you come out to events and meet people you may discover a few more. 
We hold a lot of events throughout the year, and we do it all with volunteers. Students are a great help to us and we get a chance to talk with you while we work, and you get to meet EP's while you work. We've seen students land jobs this way. 
We share interesting articles, workshops and events happening around Tampa Bay through Facebook and LinkedIn .  Make sure that you are connected with us to stay current. We also post jobs on behalf of members in the LinkedIn Group. 

Develop Your Professional Self

Attend Professional Speaker Series

Serve on Student Chapter Board

Participate on TBAEP Committees

About once a month the USF Tampa Student Chapter hosts a Professional Speaker series where working EP's share their experiences and answer questions. It is a great way to get a feel for what it's like to be a working environmental professional in a secure setting. 
Student chapter officers and board members do a lot of work, and they have a chance to develop their leadership and communications skills. Serving on the board also opens you to additional benefits like recieving a Rising Star Scholarship or just a great thing to have on your resume. 
Another way to enhance your team work and communications skills is to serve on a TBAEP committee and work directly with the TBAEP Board.  We love to help our students develop professionally and it helps us meet our mission and goals.  Check out the Get Involved page for more info.